Top Argan Oil Producer in Morocco

Have you heard about the wonders of Argan oil? Argan oil is a plant oil that is commonly found in Morocco. It is gotten from kernels of argan trees. It is sold as a pure oil and also mixed as an ingredient into cosmetics products.

Argan oil is popular for its great aroma, rich taste, and numerous health benefits. It comes in two forms – cosmetic argan oil and edible food-grade oil. It can be converted to supplement capsules and can be eaten. It is also used as a key ingredient in most cosmetic products like face creams, soaps, shampoos, and moisturizers.

In this post, you are going to learn extensively about argan oil and its benefits.

Liquid Gold of Morocco

Argan trees are popularly found in a semi-desert southwestern region of Morocco. Its kernels are gotten from the tree and used in the production of argan oil. It is traditionally referred to as “liquid gold” due to its richness in Vitamin E, A, and C, omega fatty acids, and some antioxidants that are of great use for healthy hair and skin.

How Does Argan Oil Help the Skin

Every face oil has a different formulation, weight, and absorption rate, which means some are better suited to certain skin types than others.

However, argan oil falls into the middle of the spectrum, making it ideal for all types of skin. It contains essential ingredients like linoleic acid, Vitamin E, and omega fatty acids which all work to lighten the skin, soften dry patches, and even help reduce spots and wrinkles.

Argan oil is food for the skin.

Benefits of Argan Oil to the Skin, Hair, and Body

Argan oil comes with numerous benefits to the skin, hair, and body. But here are just 3 benefits you should know;

  1. Hair Growth

Argan oil helps in hair growth when applied to the hair and scalp. It contains phenols and Vitamin E which helps to boost cells and encourage hair growth.

Argan oil makes the hair shiny and soft. The hydrating elements in the oil help in the soothing of dry scalp, which makes it an effective treatment for dandruff. You can also apply it to your eyelashes and eyebrows to thicken the hair.

  1. Anti-aging Agent

Argan oil is a natural anti-aging oil that fights against wrinkles giving your skin a youthful appearance. It has also been confirmed that when argan oil is taken orally as a capsule supplement or applied directly to the skin, it can help reduce the visible signs of aging skin by reducing inflammation and oxidizing stress.

  1. Improves Wound Healing

Due to the presence of Vitamin E and the antioxidants found in argan oil it serves as a powerful ailment for treating wounds. This is why argan oil is always applied after shaving to help heal any cuts and smooth the skin.

Where to Get 100% Organic Original Argan Oil

At Bright Sun, we produce 100% organic Moroccan argan oil and cosmetics. Due to the benefits that come with argan oil, most of our products contain argan oil.

We are one of the top argan oil producers in Morocco. We also export our products to countries like the United States, Canada, and the Gulf countries. Our partners in these countries have never found any reason to switch to any of our competitors because there have been no bad reviews of our products.

Do you want to give argan oil a try for yourself or do you own a cosmetics shop and would love to place a wholesale order? Contact us now to get a sweet deal.

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